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rodent removal in westchester, nyMice & Rats aren't very well liked animals among homeowners. While some nuisance wildlife may be seen as cute or cuddly, most people are scared (and even disgusted) at the very thought of a rat running across the kitchen floor. Big and tough men have been caught screaming and jumping onto the table when a mouse brushed their foot. We've actually seen it happen!

As silly as that may seem, there's very good reasons to have that sort of gut reaction. The fact is that rodents are perfect for harboring and transporting disease. This is why a growing rodent infestation inside your home is very serious business! Unfortunately, many companies don't actually attempt to solve the root problems, settling for never-ending maintenance programs that cause more problems than their worth.

We specialize in Humane Rodent Trapping, Interior and Exterior Damage Repair, Rodent Exclusion, and Hazardous Decontamination. Whether your issue is Residential, or Commercial, we can provide you with a lasting solution!

Poisoned Mouse Died Inside the Wall - Google+ Updates

Dead Animal Removal - Westchester, NY

Dead Animal in Wall Dead Animal Smell in Wall Dead Mouse in Wall Mouse Dead in Wall Dead Animal Removal - Putnam County

Dead Animal Removal in Putnam County, NY - Dead Animal in the Wall

Homeowners don't often realize that using poison* for rodent control regularly leads mice dying inside their walls. It's shocking how horrendous a single dead mouse can smell, but once it starts to permeate the house, it quickly becomes unbearable! As the animal begins to decompose, it becomes a breeding ground from disease vectors like flies and maggots. If left untreated, the smell can linger for months, before beginning to dissipate.

TriState Wildlife never uses poisons or harmful chemicals when removing nuisance wildlife, including rodents. Targeted trapping programs are more humane and effective in solving the issue. Please do not use poisons inside your home!... Continue Reading on Google+

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Rodent Remediation Process | Success Guaranteed!

We start by coming out for an on-site evaluation. Every structure is different, and the size of the infestation can vary as well. Once we have gone through the entire property we give out a written report detailing how to best resolve the problem. In some cases
ir cams are used to follow the rats and figure out their patterns.

A customized trapping program is performed to completely clean out the infestation living in the space, and then all penetrations leading into the property are sealed, so that new rodents can't get back in.

A very small infestation can generally be eradicated within just a few days, while larger infestations can often take weeks to resolve. In the case of rats you may have a week of just pre-baiting the traps to convince the rats they are safe.


Rodent Remediation | Health Risks

When an extensive rodent infestation has occurred, the job isn't over just because rats are gone. A big part of our process is cleaning up the mess the animals have left behind. Not only are the feces a major health risk for everyone occupying the house, but they also serve as an attractant to other critters enticing them to enter the space.

Rats excrete the virus in their urine, saliva, and droppings. A person may be exposed to hantavirus by breathing contaminated dust after disturbing or cleaning rodent droppings or nests, or by living or working in rodent-infested settings.


Humans are infected through contact with water, food, or soil containing urine from these infected animals (i.e. rats, mice). The disease can also be transmitted through direct contact with urine, blood or tissue from an infected animal. The bacteria can enter through broken skin or through the soft tissues on the inside of the mouth, nose or eyes.

Murine Typhus
An Acute infectious disease that is transmitted to humans by rat fleas and feces. The symptoms include fever, headache, and rash, body aches & pains, chills.

Bacteria which cause disease in humans and animals and is Transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces.

Preventative Measures

Since rodents are known to transmit disease, it's important to take some precautions after the rodent infestation has been trapped and removed. Rodent feces and urine pose the biggest health risk, so removal is imperative. If insulation has been contaminated, it should be replaced and the area decontaminated to the specifications laid out by the Center for Disease Control.The same applies to all areas the rodent population may have come in contact with. The rodent cleanup process is the only way to stop the spread of contamination throughout your home or office. This will also remove the rodent pheromones left behind, discouraging new colonies from moving in.

We also highly recommend that all possible entry points on the outside of the structure be located and permanently sealed, cutting off access.

We're one of the only companies in the country that provide both services to our clients. We take care of every step of the process from start to finish, insuring complete satisfaction!

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westchester rodent removal InfraRed Camera Used to Track a Home Rat Colonyrats using roof hole as entry point Roof Damage Used by Rats to Get Insideexposed copper wiring from rodent chewing Copper Wire Exposed from Rodent Chewingrat holes in bedroom floorboard Rats Chewing Holes to Get into a Bedroomthree dead rats outside home Three Large Dead Rats Euthanized in Clients Home

electrical wires chewed by rats More Chewed Wiring: Extensive Contamination!electrical wiring chewed - fire hazard Chewed Electrical Wiring - VERY Dangerous!rats chewed wires - contaminated Chewed and Contaminated Electrical Wiringpoisoned rat died inside Dead Rat Found Less Than 1 Foot From Poison Boxpoisoned mouse decomposing Decomposing Rat & Urine/Fecal Contamination

decomposed rat - bad smell Poisoned Rat Decomposing In Crawl Spacedamaged wiring and insulation Chewed Wiring & Insulation Contaminationwestchester rat removal Dead Rat Decomposing in Ceiling commercial rat-mouse infestation Sub-Floor Mouse and Rat Contaminationrodent feces in insulation Typical Fecal Contamination from Infestation

rats nest in attic Typical Nesting from Rats - Cleanupwestchester mouse control Mouse Caught in Live Trap - High Skill Levelmouse feces in attic Rat Feces Contaminating Insulationmouse entering vunerable pipe Vunerable Pipes to Interior Used by Mice & Ratsmouse entry to basement Rat Entry Point Found in Missing Mortar

evidence of infestation in sub-floor Sub-Floor Mouse and Rat Contaminationmouse contamination - feces What a Typical Infestation Looks Likerat poisioned by exterminators Serious Health Risk From Dead Ratrat den entrance Rats Nest Outside an Office Parkrat droppings in office interstitial Interstitial Contamination Above Cubicles

damaged commercial foundation Commercial Foundation Entry Point - Ratsarmonk, ny - unsecured pipes Unsecured Pipe Gave Easy Accesspipe entry point on house for rats Rat Grease On Pipe Showing Entry and Exitrat entry point - before seal-up Vulnerable Mouse And Rat Entry Pointsmissing cement in foundation Missing Cement - Exposed Pipes & Wood Rot

entrance to a rat den in westchester One of Many Rat Holes Found Outside Officecommercial building - rat entry point Rat Entry Point - Fortune 500 Companyrat infestation evidence Bio-hazard: Extreme Rat Contamination!removing poisoned rat from home Poisoned Rat Removed From Behind the Walltwo rats trapped Two Rats - Trapped & Removed

rats caught on night vision camera Night Vision - Rats Entering Bed Roomrats chewing into bedroom Floor Board Chewed to Enter Main Housecracked foundation used for entry Cracked Foundation Entry Point - Ratsrats living undergound new building Rats Nest Found 20 Feet From Building Entrancenew jersey rats nest under deck Main Colony Entry Point - Feces & Hair Visible

three rats trapped together Three Rats Trapped - Humane Removal
large rat caught in trap Large Rat Trapped in Warehousedead mouse removal from wall Poisoned Mouse Died in Wall - Horrendous!rat foot prints in dust Rat Paw Prints Tracked On Duct Work 

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  • 5 Star Rating Rat Removal & Decontamination in Westchester, NY

    "Im so happy the rats are gone gone gone! Seeing them scurrying around the livingroom on your night vision cams made us want to sell the house. You guys were super quick with the trapping, cleanup and sealup, which was great, because our hotel bill was starting to add up. Thanks again for putting our minds at ease."

    Elizabeth Howerton - Bedford, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Dead Rat Removal & Attic Restoration in Westchester, NY

    "We couldn't wait one more day for the exterminator to finally come and remove the dead mouse from our wall. Kris showed up within a couple hours and the smell was gone just as quick. I still can't believe how bad the attic had gotten, or the fact that the exterminator never even brought it up to me. The insulation was disgusting with rat droppings. The before and after shots should be framed. You did an amazing job cleaning everything up."

    Michael Hernandez - Scarsdale, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Rodent Removal and Remediation Services

    "I am so thankful for TriState Wildlife's Animal Removal service. They are quick to respond and very reasonably priced. Thanks for the fantastic service!"

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