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Father and Son Bat ProofingTriState Wildlife is a multi-generation, family run business. Removing unwanted and potentially dangerous wildlife from peoples homes is an important service that we take a lot of pride in! We're animal lovers at heart, so while we always work in the best interest of our clients and their homes, we also treat the wildlife we're removing as kind and humanely as possible. Our Technicians are all extensively trained in animal behavior, proprietary exclusion techniques and finish carpentry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Nearly 90% of our work comes from the referrals of police stations, municipalities and satisfied homeowners. It's been that way since we first got started decades ago, because we treat every client's home as if it were our own!

We Take Great Pride in Our Work!

Below you can see a few Before & After shots of our work. We try to solve every animal problem we encounter without drawing any needless attention. If our solutions are invisible to onlookers, then we done our job correctly.

bat proofing - before bat proofing - after.

Bat Exclusion (Bat Proofing): We were hired by a family in Rye, NY to remove a bat colony that had taken up residence in their attic. The previous season, they'd paid a separate company to take care of the problem, but they failed to keep the bats away. The quality of their materials and application can be seen in the before picture above. When the bats began migrating into the living space of the house, the other Westchester Wildlife Company informed them that it wasn't their problem, so they turned to us for help.

removing bat by hand holding big bat removed from house father and son bat proofing a home intricate restoration process bat proofing - finished product

Exclusion's that require fixing other companies mistakes are much harder, and generally more expensive. This is because it takes the added work of removing the ineffective seals, before any new work can begin. Once the roofline is completely exposed, it can be properly sealed with high quality products and materials that will actually last. Once all of the bats filter out through one-way-exit systems, the seal up can be completed.

We stand behind our work! Our animal proofing techniques allow us to provide a written guarantee, unmatched by any other company in our field. In this case we were also able to restore the beautiful aesthetics of their home.

rodent proofing - before rodent proofing - after.

Rodent Proofing: Mice and Rats are masters of air flow. If there's even the smallest access point in your foundation, rodents can seek it out. Every home and building has mice, but rodent proofing can clear out any current infestation, and dramatically reduce the chances of recurrence.

We use the highest quality products available, including: copper mesh, pure silicone, galvanized wire and cement/mortar. The end result is effective and looks fantastic.

cvent screening - before vent screening - after.

Vent Screening: Attic vents play an important role in helping your home breathe. However, they're often left completely unprotected, which allows easy access to your attic space. Animals like Bats, Flying Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, Rodents and even Raccoons, love using open vents to come and go. While the average roof-line may contain dozens of possible entry points, we always start our inspections by examining the state of a homes attic vents.

The Cupola Venting pictured above, had been left unprotected on all four sides. Squirrels were using it and several other points along the roof line to gain entry. The cupola was located above the steep pitched, second story roof, so securing it was no easy task.

The final product looks beautiful up close, and completely invisible from the ground. It's also guaranteed 100% effective!

A Stark Contrast From Other Wildlife Companies

terrible wiring job - looks awefulOver the years, we've seen many companies in our field come and go. We have numerous competitors, but sadly, no competition. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a Gallery we've compiled, showing the careless nature of some local wildlife companies. From disregarding the welfare of the animals, to their ineffective seal up procedures. All too often destroying the beautiful aesthetics of all the homes in their wake.

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It's always important to research a company before hiring them to work on your home. Online reviews are often a good place to start. The wildlife companies you'll see in our gallery below have two big things in common... They have terrible reputations with their customers, and they spend a lot of money on advertising. One particularly infamous Westchester County Wildlife Company, reportedly spends around $100,000 each year on Phone Book and online advertising. They have to do this because of their reputation. When you don't have satisfied customers, every client needs to be a NEW client.


Quality Products are Expensive!

failed foam seal up - chewed through

By using low cost and low quality products, it's possible for a wildlife company to bid a $4,000 squirrel proofing job, for $1,500. These products and techniques are messy and inherently designed to fail. If a squirrel can chew through fascia boards, than spray foam doesn't stand a chance of keeping them out of your house.

Often times, these under bid projects are given low priority, and drag on for months, or are left unfinished altogether. In either case, when the homeowner discovers that wildlife is still living in their attic, we undoubtedly get called in to resolve the problem. These projects take longer to complete the second time, and are generally more expensive, because the ineffective seal has to be completely removed before any new work can be done. We complete around 5-10 of these re-seals each year.


We aren't Exterminators!

In the past few years we've seen numerous exterminators expand into nuisance wildlife. The biggest problem is that exterminators have the wrong mindset. Their technicians are trained to spray for bugs and set you up on a monthly service plan. Their goal is to spend as little time as possible at each stop, to maximize their potential profit each day.

When it comes to bigger critters, they don't have the know-how to actually solve the issue. They aren't familiar with these animal's behaviour and as a result, they end up costing the homeowner more money when obvious mistakes are made.

• Sealing up a hole and trapping a family of raccoons above the living room ceiling
• Removing a nursing female squirrel and leaving the babies to die in an attic
• Bat-proofing a house and sealing in 30+ bats, giving them no choice but to migrate into the living space of the house

We've removed hundreds of dead animals over the years, from the walls and ceilings of clients houses. This is overwhelmingly attributed to carelessness and inexperience.

Our Infamous Competitor's Gallery     * Click Below for Larger Images

competitors yellow foam seal up failure - visible from the ground This Bright Yellow Foam is Visible From the Streetcompetitors spray foam doesn't work The Closer You Get, The Worse it Lookscompetitors spray foam looks horrible Spray Foam Can Serve a Purpose, But This is Not it!squirrels poisoned in attic by exterminator This is Why You Shouldn't Use Rat Poison Insidecompetitor poorly wired vent - providing no protection This Poorly Wired Vent Didn't Keep The Squirrels Out

competitors ineffective wiring - ripped by raccoons One of the Worst Wiring Attempts We've Seenterrible wiring job - looks awful The Unsecured Wire Was Easily Ripped Back by Raccoonsorange spray foam used by competitor in dryer vent Spray Foam Blocking an Exhaust Ventimproperly sealed vent is a fire hazard Keeps the Birds Out and Creates a Fire Hazard!vent held shut with a twig by competitor Vent Flaps Were Secured Using a Broken Twig

terrible looking foam seal Excessive Spray Foam Used to Keep Bats Awayyellow spray foam ineffective Steel Wool & Spray Foam Bat Proofing Doesn't Workspray foam all over roof There's More Foam on the Roof Than in the Entry Pointdont use spray foam It's an Eye Sore From the Ground & Easily Chewed Throughdoes spray foam work? see for yourself. This Should Have Been Sealed With Copper Mesh & Silicone


improper animal proofing Homeowner Paid $3,100 Cash for This Bat Proofingcompetitors poor wildlife seal up techniques The Company Hired Didnt Have Enough Wood to Finish the Soffitspray foam looks terrible Sprayed In Black Foam Instead of Paintable Caulk competitors cutting corners Mis-Cut Brown Metal Flashing & Filled With Black Foamugly seal up techniques They Must Have Ran Out of Brown Metal Flashing

don't settle for sloppy work Rolled up Wire & Silicone Blobs Instead of Backer and Caulka westchester wildlife company They Actually Stapled a Plastic Bag Over This Hole to Seal itbad animal seal up Every Point Was Sealed in an Aesthetically Damaging Wayimproper materials used Excessive Wire Used Instead of Replacing Woodtheir cheep solution Its Unimaginable That This Was Even Considdered


old stone school ruined aesthetics Old Architecture Should Always be Treated with Care and Respectugly red tar used in seal up Instead, This Beautiful Stone School is Sealed Up With Red Tarimproper materials Copper & Silicone Would Have Been Invisiblepaying less cost them moreThis Low Cost Solution Can Be Seen 100 Yards Awaybeware of bad practicesDon't Let This Happen to Your Home!


one-way trapping dangers Poorly Made One Way Traps Can't Keep Birds Awayimproper deck screening The Lazy and Improper Way of Screening a Deckraccoons are strong Raccoons Easily Pushed Their Way Back Insidespray foam doesn't work Spray Foam Doesn't Work and Looks Terriblewestchester wildlife company is bad Copper & Silicone Last a Lifetime & Is Invisible

Plywood Being Held in Place With Spray Foam Mis-Cut, 2 Tone Flashing Slapped in Place Mortar Applied Without Any Amount of Care Unsecured Ugly Wire - Not Even Covering the Hole Used Throughout The House, 100% Pressure Fit!

Spray Foam Didn't Keep The Birds Away How Not to Screen an Attic Vent - Easily Torn Away Beautiful Victorian Home. Expensive Copper Ruined! Folded Wire Seen Falling Out of Openings Disgusting Seal is Visible From the Ground!

Terrible Wildlife Company Ripped off Homeowners for $2,600 This Wire Clearly Isn't Gonna Keep Anything Out of the Attic! Orange Foam Showing Signs of Chewing This Would be Invisible with the Proper Materials! These Wildlife Companies Have No Shame!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Star Rating Squirrel Removal & Exclusion in Westchester, NY

    "When my husband and I started noticing strange noises coming from our attic, we immediately began calling around to find out what our options were. Before finding TriState Wildlife, we found and hired another company, who said they could git rid of the squirrels and seal up our roof line. Three weeks later, our house was covered in dripping orange foam, the squirrels had chewed their way back inside, and the company we hired refused to take our calls.

    TriState Wildlife was a more expensive than the first company, but they actually came to work everyday and did a fantastic job.They trapped for about a week before starting to fix the mess that the other guys made. They scraped out all of the ugly foam and replaced it with copper and silicone instead. Not only did they take the time to show us how durable their products were, you can't even see it from the ground.

    Unlike the first company, TriState signed a 25 year warranty for all of the work they did on our house. It's been nearly five months now, and we're still free of critters, which is why we gladly recommend TriState Wildlife."

    Kemberly Thomas - Westchester, NY | Google+ Testimonials

  • 5 Star Rating Bat Removal and Exclusion in Westchester, NY

    "When we found raccoons living underneath our porch, we paid a wildlife company $1,300 to trap them, and secure the porch so that nothing else could get under there again. After a few days, they told us that they'd removed the raccoons, so we gave them the go ahead to wire the porch shut. The problem is that the work was terrible and the raccoons came back. To be honest, I'm not sure he ever trapped them. One cancelled check and a few phone calls later, Kris from TriState Wildlife was at our house to save the day.

    The whole crew at Tristate were super nice and very professional. They trapped four raccoons in total, showing us each one, so that we could see for ourselves. They sealed the porch up with trenching and wire, but didn't stop there. They also cemented everything in place, and installed brand new lattice work to make it look even nicer. They didn't even charge us for the lattice! The contrast in quality was really staggering, and we couldn't have been more pleased. We actually felt like we got our moneys worth, which is such a nice feeling."

    Susan Koenig - Greenwich, CT | Google+ Testimonials